Saturday, January 11, 2014

Baby, it's been cold outside...

I hear it’s been cold in New Jersey. Really cold. Really really really cold.

I’ve been in somewhat less chilly South Carolina for two weeks so I missed the brunt of the now world-famous polar vortex.  Well, actually, I didn’t miss it one little bit…but I wasn’t here on the
ground in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, to suffer through it personally. Or to make worship happen when the ground outside was covered with ice and the temperatures hovered around the 0° mark. Or to stand graveside ankle-deep in snow with a grieving family to say goodbye to one of the saints of the church.

I wasn’t here, but those things happened anyway.  Deacons and elders and preachers and snow removal guys and good friends and just plain good sisters and brothers in Christ made sure that, on Saturday, with the snow piled high all around, those adventurous enough to get to the church on the corner of Meadowbrook Avenue and Lawrence Road found the building warm with love and compassion and the Spirit of the living God. A glorious memorial service happened and lunch happened and the sharing of stories and comfort happened.  And on Sunday morning, well, for the very few intrepid enough to make the journey, worship happened too.  Yes it did—there are, I hear, 14 witnesses to that fact.

I hear it’s been very, very, cold in New Jersey.  But the home fires have been burning at the Lawrence Road Church, a light and a warmth that no kind of darkness or cold can ever put out. 

Looking for a place to get warm? I know just the place for you.